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Some property syndicates only purchase property in the UK, such as Ratcliffes, the chartered surveyor. It buys a property and then markets it to a number of its registered investors, breaking the gross purchase cost into a number of shares. Share sizes are rarely less than £25,000 or more than £250,000. According to Anthony Ratcliffe, about 40% of its clients invest through their pension schemes, while approximately 25% are property professionals themselves. "As the property market begins to stabilise after several years of falling values...,income returns at about 6% plus on well- tenanted property look very attractive against bond and cash returns", said Mr. Ratcliffe.

  Financial Times
30th August 2013

"Syndicate your way into commercial property. The other day, while pottering around the web, I came across an extraordinary website... of a firm of London surveyors called Ratcliffes, who’ve been involved with commercial property investment for over 30 years - to date, the company has formed around 100 syndicates. Between 1991 and the end of 2006... profit over the 103 syndicates of 92% or 26.8% per year compounded!"

  Investors Chronicle
3rd July 2007

“For a succinct excoriation of the property industry, Gerald Ronson is hard to beat…..this year’s dismissal of property fund managers as guys ‘he wouldn’t trust to do his shopping in Tesco’s’ was very amusing……Anyway, who needs fund managers: give your money to Anthony Ratcliffe, who has run syndicated investment vehicles since before the Ronsons fell out.  Ratcliffe, who writes occasionally for EG and has offices in South Audley Street, specialises in small syndicates of a dozen or so people….. the 63 geared syndicates had an average total return of 105% in 2006, taking the average annual compound return to 31%.  In the 40 un-geared syndicates, the comparative returns were 72% and 20% respectively.”

  Estates Gazette
31st March 2007

"Commercial Property Investing Remains Popular for SIPPS: Ratcliffes, a company that has been involved with commercial property investment for over 30 years, has recently published data on its syndicate stock that has formed 88 syndicates and highlights of the syndicates which have sold”

  Investors Week
10th April 2006


“A company that has been in commercial property investment for over 30 years is Ratcliffes, which has recently published data on its Syndicates.”

FT  Adviser 2006
Financial Times


“You need an adviser you can trust.  I wouldn’t dream of making these investments without the advice of Ratcliffes.” P. H.

FT  Investors Guide Autumn 2004
Business/Investors Chronicle




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